Victories and defeats in computer programming

About Himangshu

I am a software engineer based out of San Francisco, with opinions in Programming Languages, Databases and Devops and Health.

For last three years, I have worked at simplycredit first as senior software engineer and then as principal engineer. Herein, we built a product that can be used by consumers to use credit lines for credit unions to pay off their credit card debts. We could electronically pay any credit card and allow a bare bones credit union staff to serve hundreds of consumers.

A diabetic for last twelve years. I have run eight marathons and gotten rid of insulin twice and am now looking to do a startup in this space.

I graduated from one of Asia's best T schools IIT Kharagpur wherein I was specially awarded for my achievements in technology among outgoing students.

I joined bankbazaar before it got series A. I was a part of the initial five engineers of who built the core product that now which powers India's largest banks. At bankbazaar, I was also involved in hiring 20 odd engineers. I introduced functional programming and migrated the service layer from soap to rest. I was involved in training the campus hires on web services and functional programming. I was also responsible for health of all webservices @ bankbazaar. I left bankbazaar just before series B to pursue entrepreneurial activities.

I build sokratik where we build a good product which did not have any problem. Post sokratik, I founded a startup gozoomo to buy and sell cars. We raised 8m$ and gave employment to around 200 people only to run out of ideas on how to do it profitably. Unable to see a way out, we returned money to investors and shut down company. On the way down, we also took care of all employees and helped them with jobs.

Prior to bankbazaar, I worked for a year @ partygaming and was a part of the team that took care of all transactions across products.

In my ameteur career at college, I was awarded the best guy in technology affairs from my hostel for my achievements. I helped create one of the most visited student run websites of India in my third year. I wrote the first version online donation portal of IIT Kharagpur, brought the placement process online , started ACM ICPC on campus built an encrypted file system for fun and risc multi core compiler for my grades.